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VAST Scientific is a consulting collective delivering premium but practical informatics solutions for the life sciences. Our partners and staff comprise highly reputable members of this life science informatics community. VAST is seeking to augment its highly valued staff with creative and confident talent in the fields of informatics and software engineering.   Please respond to jobs@vastscientific.com.

Informatics Specialist

Informatics includes the science of information, the practice of information processing, and the engineering of information systems.  In scientific high performance computing, a static definition of an informaticist is difficult to articulate without resorting to such generalities.  Rather, we are seeking people who thrive at understanding contemporary informatics and strive to incorporate new ideas rather than re-invention.

VAST Scientific is seeking to engage a junior and senior level informatics consultant to augment its scientific outreach.  The successful hire will have many information systems skills and experience on hand, such as:

Scalable software engineering – The ability to analyze a set of algorithms or application, comprehend computational bottlenecks, and invent solutions to deploy in a scalable infrastructure such as a cluster or multi-processor environment.  An understanding of cloud data manipulation, storage, and visualization technologies is a plus.

Data management and analysis –Expertise is desired in designing, engineering, distributing, and managing data informatics solutions for quickly expanding data sets.

Statistical analysis – Experience in visualizing and deducing core information as well as uncovering unexpected correlations in very large evolving data sets.

VAST Scientific specializes in proteomics mass spectrometry informatics.  A background in mass spectrometry related sciences is highly desirable.

When responding to this posting, please include a) a brief description of a recent completed informatics project and your role in its design and implementation, b) your CV, c) contact information for two references.


Software Engineer

The successful and fortunate hire will have the following the following characteristics:

  • Experienced in object oriented development strategies. Encapsulation and abstraction are critical characteristics necessary for producing multi-platform software. Language experience: C#, C++, C.  Platforms: Windows Server, Linux.

  • Resumes displaying experience in the life sciences will get special attention. A successful and industry recognized track record is desirable.

  • Comfortable and fluent on Windows Server and Visual Studio.

  • The candidate must be focused, agile, articulate, reliable, and comfortable in working independently in an ultra-low bureaucracy environment. In addition, the candidate must be self-motivated to meet or exceed production deadlines.

  • The candidate must be clairvoyant and capable of deriving true requirements from vague statements of work. High ESP scores are a plus.

  • VAST Scientific is continually exposed to new technologies and techniques. The new candidate must be technologically dexterous and driven to be current with the state-of-the-science.

When responding to this posting, please include:

  1. A thought intriguing snippet of code that you developed including a brief description of what the snippet is supposed to achieve.

  2. A brief paragraph about a new software technology that you not know little-to-nothing about but would like to learn about with a brief passage why this new technology may become relevant.

  3. Contact information for two references.

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