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How are your mass spec data?  

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RawMeat is a quick data quality assessment tool designed for mass spectrometrists and bioinformaticists using Thermo instruments. Get almost instant access to charge distributions, spray current, target fill times, and other useful statistics to guide you towards better data acquisition.

Best of all, RawMeat is made available to the mass spectrometry community (academic, government, and commercial), free of charge. RawMeat is also completely free of any malware whatsoever: no advertisements, no unauthorized network access, no funny business.

Please contribute to the development of RawMeat with your suggestions / comments / complements / complaints to info@vastscientific.com .



Latest release:
Build 1007 - October 27, 2011
- included QExactive support

Build 711 - December 5, 2010
- bug fixes including start-up slowdown, mz-monitor deltappm calculation

Older releases:
Build 642 - June 28, 2010
- bug fixes
- added MZ Monitor, image copy
- more info here

Build 592 - Mar 1, 2010
- fixed histogram bin limitation for Velos instruments


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