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SIEVE™ analysis platform provides label-free quantitative differential expression analysis of proteins and peptides from the comparison of multiple LC/MS and GC/MS datasets. It is a statistically rigorous tool for analyzing data from biomarker discovery experiments.

ThermoFisher Scientific has collaborated with VAST for the exclusive development of the software. See the v1.2 SIEVE the brochure.


RawMeat is a quick data quality assessment tool for mass spectrometrists using Thermo instrument raw files. Get almost instant access to charge distributions, spray current, target fill times, and other useful statistics. RawMeat is freely available here.


ROC Station is a simple tool that can be used to learn about Receiver Operation Characteristic plots as well as process your data. A ROC analysis is appropriate for determining the component that best differentiates two classes in a multi-subject experiment.


Documents and Tutorials


About ROCs

An overview of Reciever Operator Curves, comparing them to descriptive ratio statistics, and explaining how they can be used in mass spec discovery and confirmation measurements.

SIEVE v1.3 Overview

A training tutorial about using SIEVE including chromatographic alignment, feature detection, and feature identification for proteomics and small molecule experiments. Presentation given at BRIMS workshop in February 2010.


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