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How can I ROC my data?  

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ROC Station is a simple tool that can be used to learn about Receiver Operation Characteristic plots as well as process your data. A ROC analysis is appropriate for determining the component that best differentiates two classes in a multi-subject experiment.

ROC Station can:

  • Run simulated experiments with varying input data distribution.
  • Calculate and visualize error contribution to Area Under the Curve (AUC) measurements.
  • Fully propagates error analysis and includes several error models as well and assigned error values.
  • Calculate and visualize multi-marker ROC.

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Latest release:
Build 742 - April 18, 2011
- allow export of single and multi roc data to the clipboard by double clicking on the plot

Older releases:
Build 727 - June 28, 2010
- premiere release

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